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Cheese Draining


Tours are a great way to visit the farm. Learn what it takes to turn milk into cheese and help further develop the connection between the farm and the community. See our practices in action: rotational mixed forage browsing, humane animal husbandry, artisan cheese making, high quality versus quantity in our production, and of course, baby goats!

Basic Tour: Guests will learn the basic natural history of goats, our management styles/techniques and see examples of our rotational mixed forage grazing. They will also tour our milking parlor and cheese making facility. The tour is approximately 1 hour long, culminating with a cheese tasting.

$40 for up to 4 people, additional person $10 each. Kids under 10 free.

**School groups please call for adjusted pricing**

Farmstead Tour: Come learn about homestead-style self-sufficiency. Guests will tour the dairy as well as the greater homestead where they will explore examples of: perennial silvapastures, nutrient management, farm and infrastructure design and layout, water catchment and storage, solar hot water heating, integrated organic gardens and orchards (fruit and nut), creating animal forage and more. Tour is approximately 2 hours and includes full cheese tasting.

$100 for 2 people, additional person $20 each.

Milking Tour: Join us for the most important time of the day on a dairy! Guests will learn the details associated with proper, clean and healthy milking that is essential to producing quality milk (which leads to exceptional cheese). A basic tour of the facility and cheese tasting is included plus full cheese tasting. 2 hours

$100 for 2 people, addition person $20. (Max 4 people)

Professional Tour: A personalized, hands-on and in depth tour of our production systems from milking to cleaning to cheese making. This tour is appropriate for people interested in a much more detailed exploration of the dairy. Price dependent on design.

Reservations: Contact us at or (360) 385-3309. Directions given upon tour reservation.

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